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Comp Team - Pans 2017

Our formal Comp Team has been going strong at Five Rings over the last four years. We are 17 weeks out from the 2017 Pans (March 15 - 19) in Irvine, California.

Coach Robert, Coach Kevin, Coach Louisa, Coach Micah
All are either currently on Comp Team or have been on Comp. Team
Getting results at the Nov. 2016 Revolution Tournament


We're keeping the year round format started last year AND allowing folks the opportunity to jump in for a 12 week prep camp for Pans in March 2017.

The weekly format will be as follows:

     Saturday      7:00 - 8:30 am     Team Practice - an organized, focused, driven practice 
     Tuesday       7:00 - 8:30 pm     Combat rounds - positional sparring and full matches
     Thur            7:00 - 8:30 pm     Action training / BJJ 4            

The 12 week prep camp will have 6 weeks of pre-cycle work and 6 weeks of on-cycle work.

Other events we'll be preparing for:

     - The Revolution in March
     - Adult Worlds in June
     - The Revolution in July
     - Masters Worlds in August

To name a few.

Who is Comp Team for:

     - Those who want to compete (and win) at a high level
     - Those who want to challenge themselves and like to be in a challenging environment
     - Those who like to train hard and be in a room of tough athletes, but don't want to compete at tournament

To upgrade to Comp. Team, an athlete must be aware of the following:

     - You have two choices: 1) the year commit (economical) or 2) a 12 week tournament prep cycle (convenient)
     - Registration is due by Wednesday, November 30. Application can be downloaded HERE
     - Down payment is due by Monday, December 5.
     - The first practice of the session begins Saturday, December 10.

See Professor Tom or Office Manager Dan to upgrade your membership today and begin a new phase of your training! ! !

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