Coach's Corner - Thoughts, Tips, and Guidance for a Successful Jiu Jitsu Journey | #14

 in Portland and Beaverton - Five Rings Jiu Jitsu

This week's topic comes to us from Dorothy Ryan. She asks, "what is a good way to choose 4 - 6 moves to focus on and try to make my game?"

GREAT question Dorothy!

As a matter of fact, it's going to take at least three Coach's Corners to answer it. 

This CC focuses on looking at one's Jiu Jitsu Journey from a time / experience level perspective.

Check it out! ! !

The video is only 5:05 minutes long. I'm having some weird formatting issues ... not sure why it saved as 10:20. Odd.

Where are you in your Jiu Jitsu Journey and what are you doing to optimize your learning and game plan development?

Do. Daily. Forever! ! !

Coach Tom

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