Five Rings Jiu Jitsu Reviews

I have done nothing but lose since joining Five Rings- as in lost 6 inches off my waist and nearly 40 lbs off my gut. I started with Five Rings a year and a half ago as a 43 year old, out of shape, frustrated ex-athlete and it has been an incredible journey for me since. The Professors and coaches create a great atmosphere whether you are in it for fitness or "joy-jitsu" or looking to compete and excel. I cannot recommend Five Rings enough!


I once heard an analogy that if one inadvertently falls into water, their go-to would be to swim or to float to survive, if - they knew how. Likewise if someone takes you to the ground against your will, knowing BJJ is just what may save you. So with that, I like the thought of maybe one day that my daughters can get themselves out of a situation by having that skill. Whether 5 years from now or 20, because they were able to swim to safety or thwarted an attack by knowing how to defend themself that took just seconds to execute, all these hours driving them to swim & BJJ class will all be worth it. As for myself, I joined Five Rings when I enrolled my kiddo earlier this year.  It was a why-the-heck-not moment. :)  So here I am seven months into training at 48 years old, my only regret is why I didn't start sooner.  It's tough on the body, but I've never felt more fit in my life and is mad rewarding. Especially with seeing my progress from just a few months ago, it's exciting to know you only get better. I love the academy and the familial feel of the large group of regulars here who are loyal, train hard, and enjoy doing it. So on this Thanksgiving, a big thanks to all the 5RJJ professors & coaches & training partners!  You guys truly make me better after each class & open mat.

Pip S.

The environment at 5rings is one that promotes a positive learning culture. As an owner of another martial arts school in the area, I've seen a lot of different schools and methods for teaching - and by far, 5rings does an amazing job. I highly recommend for adults and children of all skill levels. Keep up the great work 5rings!

Danny S.

School is extremely clean and well maintained. I started with Professor Tom 9 years ago. The man is one of the most dedicated students to the art and one of the most dedicated coaches to his students. His ability to teach people of all ages and backgrounds is very impressive and is in no small part due to years as a educator in area high schools. The other coaches are also extremely dedicated and committed to the learning of the students. You won't find any meatheads looking to destroy you just to make themselves feel or look good here. If you want to find a safe place to learn a wonderful art in a clean setting filled with friendly people look no further. I hope you will at the very least visit the school if you are looking to find a place to train. You won't be sorry.

Billy H.

The training at Five Rings is outstanding on every level.  The coaches love Jiu Jitsu and love teaching.  There is a palpable enthusiasm implicit in every class and the structure makes learning feel very natural.  These are people I would gladly choose to spend my time with outside of the school, making the experience at Five Rings such an enjoyable one.  Coach Tom and the rest have successfully designed a curriculum that allows for the beginner to blossom and the veteran to thrive.  This seems to me to be an amazing achievement.  Five Rings is a place where people improve themselves.  I can hardly wait for class tomorrow! 

Parker D.

When you ask my daughter, ”What do you do when things get hard?” She says, “Persevere!” That’s thanks to Five Rings Jiu Jitsu. Tom created such an intentional & beautiful environment that is more about heart than muscle. We all know the heart is the strongest muscle of all. The soul filled coaches Sarah, Kristy, Dan bring their “A game” everyday creating an environment that fosters lil “Love warriors" w/legit badass skills. The world needs more "Love warriors" and for this, I am honored to know all of you! The mantras before and after class are ingrained in my daughter's mind forever. Love you all for nurturing lil Ninja’s heart, soul and body!

Jen T.

My 6 year old son has been attending Five Rings Jiu-jitsu for 12 months, and I can honestly say this has been one of the best decisions I've made in terms of child development. 

Coach Dan and Coach Sarah treat each kid as their own family, knowing when/how to push their button to maximize their potential. All in all, the coaches have made bigger impact on my son's development than his own school teachers.

Will K.

I moved here exactly one year ago removed from all friends and eager to start a new sport.  I came across Five Rings which was centrally located for me.  The amazing care and attention that the coaches take with each student was evident from my first day.  Coach Dan gave me a private introduction and helped me get started.  He was not pressuring in any way but answered all my questions and encouraged me to think and ask questions.  Jiu Jitsu can be an intimidating sport but all the people are incredibly respectful, helpful, and just great people.  Five Rings has everything you could want in an academy regardless of your fitness and Jiu Jitsu goals.  The quality of this academy starts from the top with Head Coach Tom Oberhue.  He is very approachable and encourages his students to glean life lessons from Jiu Jitsu.  The mission statement sums up the people and academy.  Can't recommend this place enough.  It has truly become "my third home" behind work and my real home (but I secretly like this one the best)

Charles B.

I came to this club as a purple belt and have been blown away by the friendly atmosphere and positive vibe at this gym. The focus on skill development and growth was a perfect fit for what I was looking for. I only wish I had found them sooner, but I'm more motivated than ever to continue my lifelong journey on the path to mastery. 

Justin E.

I have 5 years of jiu jitsu training. I train at many jiu jitsu gyms across the Unites States and I have rated this gym highly because of the cleanliness of the place, the friendly staff, and competent upper belts. I attended an open mat session there and found Five Rings Jiu Jitsu to be a good technical school I would recommend to locals. 

Isaiah G.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is unlike other forms of exercise in multiple ways. One of the most significant is in the bonds practitioners create with each other through their training. Grapplers become part of a team when they join an academy, a team that encourages its members to train hard, compete in tournaments, and grow as people. Over time, the connections can become familial, because Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu requires so much of those who pursue it, and because teammates and instructors put so much time and effort into helping each other progress. And that is exactly what Five Rings Jiu Jitsu is, it is family! Everyone here genuinely cares and tries to help others succeed in their journey. The first thing that I felt was a comfortable environment not filled with egos and hostility but welcoming and encouragement. I would highly recommend Five Rings Jiu Jitsu any day!

Sarah T. W.

What an incredible group of people. Right from the very beginning everyone made me feel so welcome and at ease. The coaches are great. Their patience and dedication are greatly appreciated. I know that starting out I am incredibly awkward but not a single person ever made me feel out of place or less than them, rather each person I paired with worked hard to help me learn and get better. Each coach has done a fantastic job of working with us to improve and build our confidence. That is something I have not experienced in such a way in any other gym or sport. I plan on learning Jiu Jitsu and getting a little better every time for as long as I'm able. Thank you 5 Rings!

Dorothy R.

I never expected to become a full-on juijitsu mom.  Honest.  This studio has changed my son's life since starting classes three years ago.  The coaches are excellent, kind and compassionate while also being firm. The classes also follow a curriculum that is teaching life skills!  The lessons my son has been learning about grit, persistence and doing his best every day have been an invaluable part of his education as a human.  I am so grateful to Five Rings for the community they are providing children and families.  If you are thinking about martial arts, try Five Rings-you won't regret it.

Saskia H. L.

My boys and I love Five Rings. We have been members for a few years. We all started with no prior martial arts experience. Five Rings has roped us in with great instruction, a welcoming family environment, a fantastic workout and a flexible schedule. Oh and it's fun! Try out Five Rings for yourself, but be careful it's addicting.

Michael L.

I’ll start by saying I would recommend Five Rings to anyone no matter, age group or skill level because I tend to get long winded. We put our son into the 3-4 yr old Ninja SKILLZ class for more socialization with other kids and the hope that he would build confidence and belief in himself. I can say a year into it now my son is much more confident kid, who is much more willing to take on new challenges. I wouldn’t say it’s all because of Five Rings, but I give the program and the coaches a lot of credit. I say this because the foundation of being a good person and perseverance as well as the expectations and ownership of their behavior, is an extension of our parenting. 

As an adult I also started attending classes a few months ago and I have found the atmosphere fun and welcoming, not only with the coaches, but with the members as well. I appreciate the way my family is welcomed and treated at the gym, especially my son.


The instructors are amazing and each one has their own unique teaching style that makes the classes really fun. The community is welcoming and friendly. I especially appreciate having a great group of women at various skill levels to train with and learn from.

JoEll N. C.

Don't sit on the sidelines wondering/worrying about starting bjj.  5rjj is a 100% positive atmosphere full of great people.  You will learn bjj, you will get in shape, and you will make real friends.  In a world full of BS, 5rjj is a real place full of genuine people.  Just go and you will see.

Matt S.

Coach Tom ROCKS!  After years of flailing and struggling to find a place that I feel comfortable, and can be inspired and motivated to stay committed to fitness, then I found 5 Rings JJ.   Tom's personal touch and approach to training is the key.  As soon as I walk in the gym I feel right at home, part of a family, all the other students are great and encourage each other.  It's refreshing to see all shapes, sizes, sexes, ages together, I've never felt intimidated or discouraged.  I want to show up again and again because I like it and I'm having fun. Tom makes every client feel like they are special and his most important client.  He's patient and pays close attention to what will work best with each client.  I could keep waxing poetic here, but why not just check it out for yourself! I highly recommend

Brenda L.

I have been a member of 5 rings for over 2 years now and in that time have gained a TON of top notch BJJ knowledge. I lost a lot of weight, gained muscle, gained confidence in myself and made a lot of friends. They are a 2nd family to me. Tom the owner and every one of the coaches are extremely dedicated to making your BJJ journey the best it can be. They teach in a safe, respectful manner that is great for all ages. Do yourself a favor and join.

David S.

Since joining Five Rings over a year ago it has become like a second home.  The atmosphere is warm, welcoming, and encouraging.  All of my instructors stress the importance of learning jiu jitsu as a journey and their goal is to make the journey rewarding and fun.

The friends I have met have enhanced my life and the learning experience.  Each week I look forward to the morning lessons with Professor Nathan. It is a great way to start the day.  In the evenings I get to meet up with the "Yellow Belt Mafia" to learn from Coach Robert.  The week ends with Coach Will on Saturday.  All of the coaches stress having fun and learning. This is the learning environment that Professor Tom, Eric, and Coach Dan have established at Five Rings.

Five Rings has something for everybody.  Fitness programs, kids programs, competition team, and private lessons.  There focus is on the individual and what each person wants to achieve on there journey.  The environment is professional, inviting, and fun.  I have been very impressed with Five Rings.  It is never too late to begin the journey.

Paul L.

I have been at Five Rings for 18 months and the positive impact it has had on my life has been AMAZING! Learning a skill I can be proud of and at the same time getting me into great physical condition.  It is a fantastic organization of really great people where i have found a new group of friends and a home that i wasn't even looking for. Give it a friendly try.

Aaron L.

If you live in the area this is the place to go. The instructors truly set this school apart form all the others. The environment is welcoming and they know how to introduce Jiu Jitsu to a beginner student. They also have a very strong competition team that is active and supportive. Can't wait to see their new location! Congratulations for all the great work you guys do out there.

Cadu F.

I've been a member of Five Rings for about four and a half years, and my life has improved in numerous and immeasurable ways. My family and friends know this and understand that they are the only two things that are more important to me than jiu jitsu. Five Rings has a lot to do with that. Tom Oberhue has implemented a carefully designed curriculum based on educational best practices--Tom is a former educator--and the teachings of Saulo and Xande Ribeiro, multiple-time world champions and the heads of Five Rings' parent association, Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu. Classes are segmented by both skill level and objective (instruction, drilling/fitness, and sparring), and coaches apply the most effective teaching techniques after graduating from a rigorous instructors' course. The training is absolutely top notch.

Tom and co-owner Eric have also created a vibrant and supportive community, dispensing of any politics or macho attitude. There is, of course, a competition program (which I've done a couple times) for the more ambitious, but there is also a place for the more casual members. I'm in my early 40s, have a wife and three young children, and a job that can dominate my schedule. But the Five Rings community welcomed me with open arms, and somehow I've been fortunate enough to earn a purple belt. While it feels good to know I could kick the crap out of my younger self, my coaches and training partners continue to humble me on the mat on a daily basis. All part of the process to becoming the best version of myself.

And so, I'm in it for the long haul, and I've brought along my wife (for a bit), children, 67-year old father, and even a couple of friends that have been game enough to give it a try. You should, too.

Matthew T.

Great facility, great coaches and great Professors! Definitely one of the best youth sports programs we have been involved with. Our son loves going to Jiu Jitsu practice, works very hard and always finishes with a smile on his face. No easy feat.

Gavin R.

Martial Arts and Jiu Jitsu in Beaverton

I am originally from South America and have been practicing jiujitsu since the mid 90’s and I say without hesitation that 5 Rings is the place where I finally learned jiujitsu. Coach Tom's progressive and systematic approach in a non threatening environment is a unique and wonderful experience and the real path to learn the sport. I had to move away from Portland because of work and sorely miss 5 Rings.  In my new gym we suffer from the same disorganized teaching and “fight to the death” attitude that is unfortunately all too common in jiujitsu schools.  I constantly reflect on the tools I learned from Coaches Tom, Eric and Robert so that I can continue to progress. I am very grateful for all the great friends and training partners I had for 3 years at 5 Rings. I miss you guys and I hope I can go back and train with you again soon!
I also want to mention that belting is not taken lightly at 5 Rings; a blue belt at 5 rings is easily a Purple belt anywhere else. I recommend 5 Rings highly.

Carlos Martinot

We’ve had a wonderful experience here since day one. Halfway through the orientation my 6 year old son looks at me and says emphatically “MOM I WANT TO JOIN”. The coaches do an amazing job equipping the students with confidence, perseverance, and teaching personal responsibility.  And the fact that my 6 yr old can effectively take me down after two classes makes me want to join as well:)

Sarah L.

All the coaches here are fantastic. They are warm, welcoming and make learning fun for kids and adults alike. There is an obvious care and dedication to ensuring children have a fun time while still being safe, and I love that they emphasize responsibility and respectfulness of both others as well as the self.

Alicia B.

My family and I love this gym. Both my boys are enrolled and we adore the kindness and patience that the staff have for them. We imagine being members for many years.


We LOVE 5 Rings Jiu Jitsu!  It's made a world of difference in my kids' self confidence.  Five Rings always has a positive learning environment, the coaches teach the kids how to turn "losing" into determination, and my kids can't wait to go to class each week!

Carri-Anne W.

Great 1st class facility, my husband and I both enjoy the BJJ class. Thank you to all the great coaches and Professors. We are happy we found your Academy. 

Tara L.

I love going here. It's one of my most favorite places to be

Jammer C.

Started training at Five Rings in Nov 2016 and have never looked back. At the age of 42, being new to BJJ and having been out of any competitive sports for over 10 years, I was really nervous about getting started but what I found was a great group of Professors, coaches, etc who are always willing to meet you where you are and a great group of people all just working towards being better every day. Highly recommend.

Shane M.

Coaches are absolutely wonderful with the kids. They apply the appropriate level of encouragement and discipline.  They are always positive and never negative.   This is by far the best academy we have been to, and would highly recommend it to anyone.


We absolutely love Five Rings Jiu Jitsu. Their Youth program is simply amazing. My son started when he was a bit over 3 years old with their Ninjas program. He then moved on to Samurais when he had turned 4. All the coaches are wonderful and understand how to teach and handle children. They are fun, funny, and firm. When the class is getting crowded, another coach will step in to help out. I enrolled my son because I wanted him to gain self control, self esteem, and self confidence. Over the past 2 years, I've seen huge growth and improvements in all of those aspects. And I can't thank Five Ring enough. A huge shout out to Coach Sarah, Coach Dan, Coach Tom, and Coach Kristi.

A. Duke

Anytime I'm in the area I do what I can to make it in here. The instruction is great, and the atmosphere is super welcoming and friendly. You're missing out if you don't get in here and train!

Ryan C.

Let me start by saying when my husband convinced me to go to try Jiu jitsu at Five Rings I was not interested UNTIL I tried it. We had an incredible orientation with Coach Dan and by the time it was over I was itching to sign up. Now, almost a year later, thanks to Five Rings, their awesome coaches and the great community of friends I have made, I can honestly say that enthusiasm has only grown. Five Rings feels like my other home. I love the challenge of learning new moves under the tutelage of the different coaches. With their encouragement and patience, I am amazed at what I have learned and look forward to learning so much more from the incredible group at Five Rings. 


Coach Tom ROCKS! After years of flailing and struggling to find a place that I feel comfortable, and can be inspired and motivated to stay committed to fitness, then I found 5 Rings JJ.

Branda L.

Five Rings is a family and a team that fosters growth. My experience has been one of transformation. Coach Tom has been a huge part of my journey of recovery and success.

Dan V.

Before going to this gym, I was really treading water in terms of my fitness gains and performance. But after the coaching I received from Five Rings, I was put on a nutrition plan and the results have been amazing. In the course of my training, I've put on 20 lbs of muscle and my conditioning is at it's highest level.


The best martial arts instruction I have received anywhere. The coaches are all top notch and the students and coaches have a great spirit.

Benjamin C.

Five Rings offers great personal training and fitness classes! Coach Tom is positive and upbeat and great at providing motivation. My workouts are always different and tailored to my needs. It is a real team atmosphere where everyone, regardless of fitness level, offers encouragement. I love that the gym has a large variaty of fitness tools (sleds, ropes, kettlebells, etc), many of which you would not find at any old gym.


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