Youth SKILLZ Graduation - Winter '20

Youth SKILLZ Graduation - Winter '20

Big congratulations to our Ninja, Samurai, Dragon, and Warrior / Shinsengumi kiddos (over 100 strong) for successfully completing their Winter Graduation during the second week of March! ! ! All of the Five Rings coaches (Coach Tom, Coach Dan, Coach Sarah, Coach Ryan, Coach Michael), and the PAL's (Coach Melissa and Coach V) are proud of your work ethic and grid. It was a great curriculum cycle were lots of growth and development was achieved. 

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(These pictures were supposed to be posted over two weeks ago ... but there's been so much going on with Covid 19 / shelter in place that it's taken until now to get them.)


Lots of hard work, good attitudes, and a never give up attitude were displayed during their testing week.

These guys crushed the winter curriculum cycle. Hard work pays off. Five Rings strives to be a profoundly positive place for children to grow up strong, resilient, and capable.