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Parents - SKILLZ Virtual Curriculum Hard Restart - Monday, April 20

Parents - SKILLZ Virtual Curriculum Hard Restart - Monday, April 20


As we enter into Week 5 of our Digital Dojo, we've gotten tons of positive feedback from parents and kids.

However, it looks as though we are going to be here for a while longer, so we moving forward with a 10 week virtual curriculum cycle for all ages groups of our Youth SKILLZ program.

With that, the coaching staff believes that we need to up our game / go all in on our attempt to teach Jiu Jitsu and life skills remotely.

Five Rings' Digital Dojo

We are going to officially RESTART our curriculum cycle and this will be our first ever Virtual Curriculum Cycle.

See this video with Coach Tom that explains it all:   HERE

Print out the calendar for our virtual curriculum cycle:   HERE

Print out a weekly tracker:   HERE

Learn how to login to the Five Rings' Members' Only section to access content:  HERE

Dragon and Warrior / Shinsengumi skills can be viewed and printed out from the Members' Only section "Big's" blog post.

Learn how to post a video to the Five Rings' SKILLZ Facebook page:  HERE  (Coming soon. Check back by Wednesday, 4/22)


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