Professor Saulo Visit and Seminar is One to Remember


    Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu and Five Rings Jiu Jitsu Academy have the honor of being led on the international level by a warrior of the highest caliber and experience, Professor Saulo Ribeiro.  His annual presence in the gym is something that has the power to shape an athlete's relationship to jiu jitsu in enlightening and meaningful ways.  It is also a reminder that we are connected to something larger than ourselves and our personal drive to succeed.

Professor Saulo 
Visits Five Rings - May 2014

    Saulo is a communicator of the highest degree; a messenger that refuses to go unheard – so emphatic is the passion he carries for the art.  As a martial arts educator, his skill is unparalleled.  Those who are lucky enough to participate in his semi-private training or group seminars quickly find themselves immersed in the specific details and fundamental movements that can immediately be applied in a practical setting. 

Five Rings Black Belts 
Professor Jeffers, Professor Ribeiro, Professor Oberhue, and Professor Dorsett
Coach Eric for Earning his Black Belt on Thursday, May 15

    Professor Ribeiro shared his passion with the Five Rings community this past week in person.  He expounded on the virtues of respecting your team and enjoying the belt you have (not the one you might have years from now).  He reminded us that the struggle begins the moment you wake up in the morning.  His words still resound in the ears of many of our members as they begin their training regimen with renewed fervor.

Sold-Out Seminar
Folks from all over the NW attend
A GREAT day of Jiu Jitsu

    Ribeiro NW came together for an energetic seminar (over 60 attendees!) where Saulo shared his experiences and techniques learned at the most recent Brazilian Nationals.  The importance of improvisation as it can evolve from solid drilling, along with being mobile in one's base were a couple of the brilliant basics that were communicated to those present.

    We look forward to the next visit from “The General”.  Until then, we'll be busy honing the skills we've learned and contemplating the lessons he taught.  OSS!

Paul's pic captures a key theme of Professor Saulo's message

Powerful Stuff! ! !

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