Five Rings Comp Team

If you're interested in challenging yourself, taking your game to the next level, or you just love to compete, then Comp Team is for you.

2014 Masters Worlds
Hull (Silver), Oberhue (Silver), VanDetta (Bronze)

Goal:  To win the Pan Jiu Jitsu Championship in Irvine, California, March 11 – 15, 2015.

Redefining competition prep from top to bottom, A to Z:

  1. Moneyball:          Looking at sport Jiu Jitsu by the numbers. Bishopbjj – 2012 Worlds analysis.
  2. Talent Code:        Deliberate practice + hotbed of talent + master coaching.
  3. Medal Chasers:   Like-minded folks encouraging and supporting each other to reach greatness.
  4. “Win the Day”:    U. of O.’s anthem. Win each day as it comes. WTD (every day) translates into winning the big event on game day. Win each day in our 8 week program. We do work. We celebrate the grind. We embrace the challenge … every day.
  5. Experience           If you’re serious about competition, then the Comp. Team is for you. It’s results tested.


  1. Application: due by Nov. 26
  2. Tuition: Down payment of $349 due by Dec. 2   |   Monthly increase of $109 for Jan., Feb., and March
  3. Discounts:   A. Returning members – 25% off                  B. Members A Firma – monthly installments waived
  1. Complete weekly training assignment and attend 90% of rounds classes
  2. Participate in 85% of team events and activities.
  3. If athlete meets the performance work expectations throughout the camp, he / she will receive $100 back at end of program.
  4. If athlete makes the podium at Pans, he / she will receive a $100 congratulations gift.

Dimensions of training:

  1. Technique and strategy                                                   3. Mental State
  2. Situations and challenges                                                4. Strength and conditioning

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