Five Rings Celebrates its 5th Year

The Five Rings’ Anniversary Party took place on Saturday, January 17, 2015. Our Anniversary Party is the gala event of the year. It was an amazing night, with over one hundred and twenty members, family, and friends enjoying the academy in ballroom-mode.

Professor Eric and his top-notch team of chefs put together an AMAZING feast for all to enjoy. The food was absolutely fantastic. Clearly Iron Chefs were at work.

Belts Earned in 2014

  • Black belt – Eric Dorsett
  • Brown belt – Kevin Dadik
  • Purple belt – Will Acton, Billy Hagerman, and Dan Jolicoeur
  • Blue belt – Crayton Berner, Frank Cline, Israel Doering, Evan Labby, Aaron Reuland, Olaf Stockly, Arune Suvanvej, Lance Tsugawa, and Sterling Wills

Spirit | Heart | Personality Acknowledgements

Jiu Jitsu

  • “The Work” Award: Robert Wolfe
  • Most Improved: Carlos Martinot
  • King of Consistency: Ben Cook
  • King of Persistence: Howard Davidson
  • Geek Squat: Will Acton, Kevin Dadik, and Robert Wolfe
  • New Kids on the Block: Micah Caputo and Rob Martin
  • Duracell Battery: Nathan Jeffers
  • Most Inspirational: Tim Hull
  • Most Family Participation: The Rice – Barker – Hayes Family, The Vanns and the Jones
  • Ambassadors: Nick Burke, Ben Cook, Alex Evans, Keith Picone, Dan VanDetta

Coaches’ Mentor Program (CMP) Graduates:

  • Adult: Isa Bruno, Louisa Bruschi, Kevin Dadik
  • Juniors: Aliyah Curley, Maya DeWeese, Hiathan Nguyen, Karen O’Neal, Giuliano Scasso, Haley Vann, Haskelle White


  •  “The Work” Award: Jessica Vann
  • Most Improved: Veronica Jones and Keith Molesworth
  • Mr. Discipline: Adam Garmon
  • Duracell Battery: Amber McLellan
  • Queen of Consistency: Patricia Bergen
  • Most Inspirational: Ken Cone


In addition to the party, the academy hosted a silent auction and raffle as fundraisers for the Pan 2015 Comp Team. There were tons of great items. The event raised over $2,400 for the Comp. Team. Thank you to everyone for their support. It really makes a difference.

An album of the event can be viewed HERE

The "Year in Review - Slide Show" can be viewed HERE

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