Five Rings Youth Life Skills Curriculum Teaching Grit and the Growth Mindset

Five Rings Youth Life Skills Curriculum Teaching Grit and the Growth Mindset

Five Rings takes the growth and development of every child seriously. We want to have a positive impact on every child - helping them define themselves as good, responsible, resilient, well-adjusted human beings. We are far more than push-ups, armbars, and self-defense techniques (those are import too). We focus on the entire person - mind, body and spirit.


It's been found that IQ is not the strong indicator to a young person's future success (in school, athletics, or life). The key to future success? Grit. A persons ability to be resilient and keep coming back to a task or challenge in the midst of hardship, frustration, and failure. Five Rings is committed to be gritty about it's teaching of grit to it's students.

Here are core Growth mindset sayings / perspectives:

  • This will take time and effort
  • I will give my full effort - because I know effort is more important then anything else in determining success
  • I'll never give up
  • Mistakes help me learn
  • What can I do to improve?
  • I can't do it ... YET!


Find out more in background in this TED Talk: The Key to Success? Grit


Carol Dweck has done a lot of research into the "growth mindset" - the belief that skill, talent, ability can be grown through hard work and practice versus the fixed mindset - that ability is fixed, finite and static. Grit plus a growth mindset will help a child face the challenges of life.

Learn more about a growth mindset in this TED Talk: Growth Mindset - The Power to Believe that you can Improve


The curriculum at Five Rings taps into all parts of the young athlete - mind, body, and spirit. It's our goal to give students stretch challenges in a supportive, uplifting environment while stimulating conversations and lessons around the life skills of grit and the world-view of a growth mindset. We are committed to equipping our students with the guys to future success and happiness - grit, a growth mindset, good health, self-confidence, and the ability to defend themselves.

Check out our current Ninja (3 - 4), Samurai (5 - 6), Dragon (7 - 9), Warrior (10 - 13) and Shinsengumi (14 - 16) curriculum:

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