Womens Seminar - Survive and Thrive in Jiu Jitsu

Five Rings Jiu Jitsu hosted a Women's Only Seminar on Saturday, April 25.

Sixteen women (from the main campus, SWEAT360, Recreate, and PSU groups) participated in a two hour clinic designed to help women "Survive and Thrive in Jiu Jitsu". The seminar was run by Coaches Liz Tracy (purple belt, main campus) and Adrienne Menitte (purple belt, Recreate). 

The energy was super positive and fun. 

Five Rings is committed to creating a positive, supportive environment for all female athletes. We want women to flourish in the Jiu Jitsu (both as a sport and a lifestyle). This is the first in a series of seminars designed to help women have a more positive experience grappling mats.

Topics covered:

  1.        Proper mindset
    1.        At the very least - defensive / survival attitude. At the very best - cunning / sneaky / sly.
    2.       Need to be sharp and play Jiu Jitsu, not arm wrestling.
    3.        Growth mindset – you will grow your skill and ability over time with constant practice.
  2.        Game plan development

    1.        Know what NOT to do
      1. Stay directly in front of opp.
      2.  Let opp. get grips
      3. Be stationary
      4. Be flat
      5. Depend on muscle
      6. Depend on aggression
    2.       Know what you WANT to do – The Principles of Good Jiu Jitsu
      1. Maintain good position and leverage
      2. Be mobile and manage the distance between you and your opp.
      3. Know where you want to be
      4. Hit “Reset” early, often, and unapologetically
      5. Always deflect or ricochet energy, never absorb it.
      6. Focus on smooth, tight, efficient transitions

Huge thanks goes to Coach Liz and Coach Adrienne ... you guys ROCKED IT! ! !

Special thanks to Kelley Farrell, a long-time friend of Professor Tom's, who aided in consulting and offer advice on content and format.

Stay tune for information about the next clinic. ALL women are strongly encouraged to join in and participate.

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