Masters Worlds Comp Team Full Details

For all athletes thirty and over, we are going to be running a Comp. Team Preparation Camp the eight weeks prior the the Masters Worlds at the end of September. Ribeiro is coming strong - to celebrate our 20th Anniversary. What better way than to win the team trophy!

Tim Hull, Professor Tom, and Dan VanDetta
all medaled at the 2014 Masters Worlds

Here are the det's:

  • Masters Worlds, Sept. 26 +27, 2015, in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Must be thirty years old or over by the date of the tournament, blue belt* or higher (athletes orange belts or higher will be accepted into the camp)
  • We need a minimum of 10 folks to commit to the team to run the program
  • There will be three organized team training opportunities per week (a technical practice, a drill session, and combat training)
  • Campers will be giving a weekly task list and a "work" rubric to monitor their training
  • Last year Five Rings took three athletes to the Masters Worlds - we came back with two silvers and a bronze medal

Get the info sheet and application HERE and Camp Calendar HERE

We're announcing this now so folks have time to get into shape and can hopefully plan on summer vacations in June and July rather than in August.

See Professor Tom if you have any questions.

Win the day and 6blades!

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