2016 Comp Team Format

Comp Team has been going strong at Five Rings over the last three years.

We're trying a new format for 2016 --> year round training that ramps up as an event approaches, then dials-down and goes into "growth-mode" on an off cycle.

Check out an overview video by Professor Tom (5:15 minutes): HERE

Check it out:

     Saturday     7:00 - 8:30 am     Team Practice - an organized, focused, driven practice 
     Tuesday      7:30 - 9:00 pm     Combat rounds - positional sparring and full matches
     Thur + Fri                                  Strongly suggested that members group up and drill

The Comp Team is a year commit. We'll be accepting members through the fourth Saturday of January, the 23rd. Our main focus will be competition in March --> The Revolution Tournament in Tacoma is March 5, and the Pan Championships are March 16 - 20, in Irvine, California.

Other events we'll be preparing for:

     - Adult Worlds
     - The Revolution in July
     - Oregon Open
     - Masters Worlds

To name a few.

Who is Comp Team for:

     - Those who want to compete (and win) at a high level
     - Those who want to challenge themselves and like to be in a challenging environment
     - Those who like to train hard and be in a room of tough athletes, but don't want to compete at tournament

To upgrade to Comp. Team, an athlete must be aware of the following:

     - It's a one year commit that then switches into a monthly obligation
     - Regular cost is + $45 in tuition per month (A Firma are free)
     - If you sign up before Saturday, January 9, the pioneer rate for Comp Team is + $25 per month

For blue belt and below who have only done Comp Team once or have never done Comp Team, there will be on Orientation Clinic on Moneyball, Tournament Principles, and Game Plan Development. It will be a three hour clinic on Wednesday, January 6, followed by one-on-one game plan review (approximately 20 minutes) over the next two weeks. The cost of the Orientation Clinic is $149. 

Comp Team begins Saturday, January 9, 2016. See Professor Tom or Office Manager Dan to upgrade your membership today and begin a new phase of your training! ! !

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