Jiu Jitsu Skill Diagnostic

Jiu Jitsu Skill Diagnostic Session

For folks that are not a member of A Firma (Five Rings' skill development / semi-private training groups) the Jiu Jitsu skill diagnostic offers the perfect opportunity to get personalized game plan assessment and action plan advice on where you should focus your attention over the next three to twelve months.

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This is NOT a belt test! ! !

It is an opportunity to in-depth feedback of your overall Jiu Jitsu game at your stage of development and advice on how to process intelligently to the next level.

A focused two hour session in which athletes will be put through a diagnostic experience:
- showing technique
- positional awareness
- live roll assessment

Followed by (at a later date):
- overall evaluation
- personal action plan
- athlete / coach meeting

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Training Time

 1:00 - 3:00 pm

Who's eligible
Orange belts through brown belts


Five Rings JiuJitsu
3104 SW 87th Ave.
Portland, OR  97225



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