Mat Improvement and Fitness Remodel to Happen in July

The kids Jiu Jitsu program is growing by leaps and bounds and Tuesdays and Thursdays nights for adults Jits are packed, so we’re making our world-class training facility even better.

The first week of July we’re expanding the Jiu Jitsu mat space by approximately 450 sq. ft. in the fitness space and will be putting the entire mat space on a floating floor.

Five Rings remains heavily committed to keeping a strong, fully functional fitness space and supporting our fitness all-stars … our core principles are still hope, health, and happiness. We’ll be removing the turf and replacing it with barn mat. We’ll also be purchasing more dumbbells, kettlebells, and other fitness equipment for more weight training options.

The expanded mat space will be an area for dynamic flexibility, agility work, bodyweight exercises, and any other creative things the coaching staff can think of! ! !   J

We’re excited to raise the bar again; improving the physical resources of the facility while maintaining all the dimensions of the academy’s community.

These improvements will take place over the 4th of July Holiday weekend (see schedule HERE).

Good is the enemy of great … and we’re committed to always improving and striving for greatness.

Professor Tom

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