Talk Time with Professor Tom

This video series, what I'm calling the "Modern Samurai Series", is meant to be a series of mat chats about important topics at Five Rings.

Five Rings is an amazing place ... where people do amazing things. We want to make sure folks understand our values and culture.

I want to hear from you ... what do you think? Agree or disagree. Ask questions. This will be a forum to share ideas.


  1. Five Rings' Mission (2:51 min) HERE
  2. The Journey, Growth Mindset and Our Greenhouse (4:45 min)  HERE
  3. Being in the Moment, Mindfulness, and Ignoring Distractions (2:54 min)   HERE
  4. Training to Learn vs. Fighting to Win (3:24 min)   HERE
  5. Academy Cleanliness + Hygiene (4:14 min)    HERE
  6. Safety Series: Emergency Preparedness Blog HERE and Video (5:46 min) HERE


In good health,

Professor Tom

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