We are OPEN and currently running IN-PERSON and remote classes via our Digital Dojo. For our online schedule CLICK HERE. For more information on what we are doing to make our academy the safest it can be CLICK HERE.

Five Rings' Youth Program - A Charter School of Character Development and Life Skills


Five Ring's takes helping young people grow up in a positive, constructive, supportive way very serious. As a matter of fact, there are few things we are more passionate about.

Please review our perspective on childhood development and Five Rings' role in helping you raise your child:

  1. Your child's development (3:30 min) - HERE
  2. Growth Mindset  (3:14 min) - HERE
  3. Black Belt Pledge and Anti-Fragile (5:06 min) - HERE
  4. First Time Listening (3:17 min) - HERE
  5. Grit + Wise Parenting (4:20 min) - HERE
  6. Growth Mindset + Desired Difficulty (3:16 min) - HERE
  7. The Long Game / Character development and raising a child is a marathon, not a sprint (5:41 - HERE


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