Five Rings' Youth Program - A Charter School of Character Development and Life Skills


Five Ring's takes helping young people grow up in a positive, constructive, supportive way very serious. As a matter of fact, there are few things we are more passionate about.

Please review our perspective on childhood development and Five Rings' role in helping you raise your child:

  1. Your child's development (3:30 min) - HERE
  2. Growth Mindset  (3:14 min) - HERE
  3. Black Belt Pledge and Anti-Fragile (5:06 min) - HERE
  4. First Time Listening (3:17 min) - HERE
  5. Grit + Wise Parenting (4:20 min) - HERE
  6. Growth Mindset + Desired Difficulty (3:16 min) - HERE
  7. The Long Game / Character development and raising a child is a marathon, not a sprint (5:41 - HERE


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