1st Annual Grapple-a-Thon Summary - Nothing Short of AMAZING! ! !

Summary Video by Professor Tom - We CRUSHED IT! ! !      HERE


On August 13th, 2016 over 85 grapplers from across the Pacific NW came together to help raise money for The Dougy Center.  

This outstanding group of people rolled for 7 hours and in doing so allowed us to contribute over $10,000 to a very worthy cause.  

Rebecca Sturges (Dougy Center's Special Events Coordinator), Coach Dan, Professor Tom, Hixon Dorsett, Professor Eric, and Mallory Tyler (Dougy Center's Director of Development and Communications)

We are truly humbled by the outpouring of support and community effort in our inaugural charity fundraiser.  There are a lot of thank yous to distribute - if you see these folks around the gym make sure to give them a high five because they knocked it out of the park!!!

Professor Eric, Professor Robert Owens of BJJ Olympia, Professor Tom, Coach Dan, and Brendon Connelly (Dougy Center's Chief Operating Officer)


Huge props to Professor Eric Dorsett and Coach Dan VanDetta for managing the event.  They, along with the massive volunteer list, kept things running smoothly all day long!  To all of our volunteers - we salute you... we couldn't have done it without you.

Thanks to all of our athletes that raised money for the charity 
as well as to Professor Nathan Jeffers for completing 50 as he turns 50!  Amazing effort, gentlemen!  Thanks to Robert Owens and the entire BJJ Olympia crew for making the trip down to support the cause.  Much gratitude to Josh and Sarah Fowler for making outstanding food and donating the profits to The Dougy Center - you are very special people.  

We look forward to our next event - we know that it will be just as awesome, if not more so, and that we will see you all there!

Check out the full photo album
HERE!!!      (Special thanks the Amy Wilbanks for the professional pictures!)


Prize Winners


Free air fare to San Diego, two nights lodging, and a one hour private with Professor Saulo Ribeiro - Paul Lively


Blue Ribbons

  • Mark and Dorothy Ryan - lesson with James Puopolo
  • Holly Grimes - lesson with Amanda Diggins


This group of BJJ philanthropists (Grand Prize and Blue Ribbons) raised $3250 for the Dougy Center!!

Most Rolls Award

Robert Wolfe and Tim Hull have won a semi-private lesson with Prof. James Foster for completing the most rounds at the event (70, five minute rounds of rolling - 7 hours - WOW! ! !).  

Way to go, guys!!! 

Raffle Winners

The raffle has been completed and here are the lucky winners!

  • $250 gift certificate provided by Forbidden Body Art - Derek Wolfe
  • Birthday Party for 10 children provided by Young Art - Casey Vann
  • $150 gift certificate for services provided by Edward Wadsworth For Hair - Robert Wolfe
  • OSS Gi - Sylo Cermak
  • Musashi Gi - Khino Brackeen
  • Car Detailing provided by Lexus - Sterling Wills
  • Caio Terra instructional dvd - Leeza Rancourt
  • $25 Gift Certificate provided by Sweet Jam Restaurant - Aaron Hulse
  • OSS Tee Shirt - James Richey
  • OSS Tee Shirt - Micah Caputo



Samurai Status (25 rounds completed)
Aaron Hulse
Alex Morningstar
Artem Rayskyy
Ben Sutz
Billy Hagerman
Casey Vann
Christian DiPietro
Dave Shepp
Dorthy Ryan
Hixon Dorsett
Holly Grimes
Isa Bruno
Jaikob Vernon
James Richey
Jeremy Marchant
Jessica Vann
Khino Brackeen
Leeza Rancourt
Leonard Jones
John Ferraro
Lonny Bevill
Lori Bailey
Mark Ryan
Nathan Simon
Patrick Thorndill
Paul Lively
Preston Bauder
Sean Nowland
Sterling Wills
Sylo Cermak


Shogun Status (50 rounds complete)
Ben Cook
Daniel Mansour
Micah Caputo
Nathan Jeffers
Robert Wolfe
Tim Hull
Tom Oberhue

  We can't wait to do it again next year! ! ! Save the date now --> Saturday, August 12, 2017 | Grapple-a-Thon 2! ! !

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