2nd Annual Grapple-a-Thon: Saturday, August 12, 2017

2nd Annual Grapple-a-Thon: Saturday, August 12, 2017

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Grapple-a-Thon 2

Saturday, August 12, 2017


Five Rings is proud to announce the continuation of its new tradition - our annual grapple-a-thon for a cause.


Five Rings’ Grapple-a-thon 2017

When:      Saturday, August 12

Time:           10 am – 5 pm      (7 hours of fun | 6 hours of solid rolling)


                    Youth (ages 4 - 15) - Information HERE

                    Adult - Information below

                    5 min rolls
                    1 min rest

                    10 per hours X 7 hours = 70 rounds total
                    All athletes + academies welcome
                    These are not tournament intensity rounds, these are rolls for a cause, to help the community, and for fun!
                    Full detailed schedule of the day and events will be posted soon.


Cause:          Friends of the Children (FOTC)

  • Background and info about the FOTC mission:   HERE video   HERE   article
  • Donation link: HERE


Entry fee:   Minimum of $35 of donations. In order to participate, grapplers must have a minimum of a $35 donation to the cause. We strongly encourage people to seek outside pledges for your participation in the Grapple-a-Thon; either on a per round pledge format or a flat fee donation. ALL proceeds go to Friends of the Children (FOTC).


The fundraising page will remain open through the Grapple-a-Thon, and donations are welcomed up to and after the event. However, please note that donations must be received by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, August 9 to be eligible for prize consideration.

Donations may also submitted in person at Five Rings by cash or check (payable to "Friends of the Children-Portland").


Prize Categories

                    1. Most donations collected
                    2. Most rounds completed 
                    3. Samurai Status – 25 rounds completed
                    4. Shogun Status – 50 rounds complete


Prizes for 2017 Grapple-A-Thon

Awarded for Most Money Donated

Grand Prize

Submission Underground VIP Package

-          2 VIP tickets to next SUG event

-          One night hotel stay at “The Nines” Luxury Hotel in PDX

-          SUG Swag Package

1st Prize

Revolution Package

-          Adult Entry to Nov. ’17, Mar. ’18, and July ’18 Revolution Tournaments

-          Youth Entry to same

2nd Prize(s)

                Gear Packages:

                OSS - 1 gi, 1 shirt, 1 rashguard

Gameness -1 rashguard, 1 boardshort, a few shirts

Architeuthis Industries - 1 Musashi gi


The Challenge

Professor Tom is putting forth a challenge out to every blue belt or higher .... the best way to show your love / passion for the fantastic sport of Jiu Jitsu is to commit to doing 25 rounds at this year's Grapple-a-Thon (they don't have to be consecutive ... folks are encouraged to take breaks and pace themselves). Start preparing now .... and come ready to have an AWESOME day rolling in a non-competitive, fun, festive environment for an amazing cause. Talk is cheap ... action speaks volumes. As modern day samurai, we at Five Rings take service and helping to make the world a better place seriously. This is a great way to help the community. Grappling for a GREAT cause! ! !


This page will be updated regularly with new information, downloads, links, etc. So please check back regularly.


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