Fitness Re-Ignite and Reset: Check it out! ! !

Fitness Re-Ignite and Reset: Check it out! ! !

Fitness Transition

It is with a heavy heart that Five Rings Fitness says goodbye to Coach Adam in his current role as Director of Fitness at the end of May. Coach Adam is stepping down to pursue his long-term goal of becoming a physical therapist. We thank him profoundly for the five years of service in the role as leader of the fitness side of the house and strongly support Coach Adam’s decision and commitment to become a physical therapist. Coach Adam will still be around … training and coaching in a very limited capacity so that he can go “all in” with preparing for PT school. Go get ‘em Coach Adam.

            Our very own Nathan Jeffers will assume the role of Director of Fitness at Five Rings. We are excited at the opportunity to bring in one of our top black belt Jiu Jitsu coaches over into the fitness realm. For those that don’t know Nathan he has over twenty years of experience running fitness programs and facilities (his last project was Recreate Fitness in NW Portland). Nathan describes his fitness perspective as follows:

I program with the belief that fitness is for a lifetime. It needs to be sustainable and measurable; train smarter not harder.  Programs are developed / structured around a combination of mobility and strength.

Every class consists of a dynamic warm-up/flexibility work, skill set to improve strength and performance and then a short condition workout to increase work capacity and stamina. I encourage everyone to come and try it out.


Initially Nathan will be offering 11 group classes throughout the week (see attached schedule). We encourage everyone to check them out … they’ll be challenging, functional, and fun.

We’re excited to use this change as a way to expand our fitness offers.  Some exciting and cool changes are in the works. We believe you’ll like the improvements to the fitness space.

It is our hope that no one is lost or left behind in this transition. All current fitness clients will be grandfathered into this new program.

For current Five Rings grapplers, Nathan is offer the first two weeks of classes for free - so you can try it out and see what his workouts are like. So far, they've been receiving very positive reviews. Nathan will offer all 5RJJ grapplers a special combined rate and Five Rings will give you a discount on your Jiu Jitsu membership for all folks that sign up for unlimited class on a monthly membership.

To get signed-up or if you have questions, please see Professor Tom or Coach Nathan. 

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