Belt Promotions - 12 folks level-up | July 2017

Belt Promotions - 12 folks level-up | July 2017

Tuesday, July 25,  was a FANTASTIC night on the mats at Five Rings Jiu Jitsu.

Twelve folks were promoted. It's a testament to the hard work, consistency, grit, and growth they've all put in.

We are particularly proud of Lance Tsugawa for earning his purple belt at 69 years old. Lance is an inspiration ... proving that age is a state of mind. 

Also, particularly cool about the promotion, five of the twelve athletes are women. It's terrific to see the female presence on the mats grow! ! !

Here is a list of the promoted:

  • Matthew Tsugawa - brown belt
  • Ben Sutz - purple belt
  • Camille Hook - purple belt
  • Chris Martin - purple belt
  • Hamza Boutayeb - purple belt
  • Isa Bruno - purple belt
  • Lance Tsugawa - purple belt
  • Preston Bauder - purple belt
  • Aaron Light - blue belt
  • Alex Binam - blue belt
  • Leeza Comfort - blue belt
  • Sarah Roh - blue belt

Please take time to give congrats (in person and / or on Facebook).

Thanks to the coaching staff and the training environment at Five Rings ... it all comes together to promote learning and development. These guys' success is everyone's success. Great job to all the athletes, the coaches and training partners that helped them, and all the family and friends that support us.

To see the full album on Facebook and to leave a congrats, go HERE.

Once again, congratulations to all for reaching this mile post in your Jiu Jitsu journeys and keep doing ... daily! ! !

Professor Tom

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