Master Worlds 2017 Debrief

Master Worlds 2017 Debrief

Wow! ! ! What a great weekend!

Coach Micah Caputo, Professor Robert Wolfe, Professor Tom Oberhue, TK, and Coach Dan VanDetta

Four Five Rings athletes and Professor Tom traveled to Las Vegas to participate in the 2017 Master World BJJ Championships (along with 4,300 other athletes. This was one of the IBJJF's biggest tournaments ever - run over three days with 21 rings going simultaneously ... it was NUTS! ! !)

There were big learns had by all. Particularly worth of shout outs:

  • Congratulations to Tawnya (TK) Komlofske for taking gold in her division - blue belt, female, Masters 3, light weight

TK winning gold ... she had a great day. Huge focus and poise. Congrats! ! !

  • Matt Jubera takes gold in his division; having five matches and submitting all his opponents without being scored on or anyone earning an advantage. Bravo! !

Professor Matt Jubera performs at a ridiculous level of precision ... he was a moneyball machine and dominated! ! !

  • James Puopolo takes gold in his division and bronze in the open class - great effort James!
  • Rafael Lovato Jr. takes double gold - impressive work!

Master Saulo Ribeiro, Professor Matt Jubera, Professor Rafael Lovato Jr., Professor James Puopolo, and Olympian Jimmy Pedro

  • Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu takes the bronze in the men's team points and silver in the women's team points.

Team Ribeiro! ! !

It's not too late to commit to participating / attending next year's Master's Worlds. It's going to be a BLAST! ! !

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