Jiu Jitsu Program at Friends of the Children Becomes a Reality! ! !

Jiu Jitsu Program at Friends of the Children Becomes a Reality! ! !

It's been over ten months in the building and prep work. On Thursday, Dec. 7, Five Rings hosting it's inaugural Jiu Jitsu classes at the Friends of the Children site in Gresham. It was nothing short of FANTASTIC! ! !

We had twenty-five pioneers participate in our first day of classes (16 of the young crew and 9 of the older kids). We did a quick introduction of what Jiu Jitsu is, Coach Dan and Matt Tsugawa did a demonstration of sport Jiu Jitsu, and we then focused on three basic self defense techniques. The kiddos at FotC were absolute all-stars ... willing to try new things, practice their new techniques is a positive way, and being good partners to each other. All the pioneers earned a FotC / Five Rings Grappe-a-Thon t-shirt and their white belts for participating. It was such a FUN time.

With the money that we raised at this year's Grapple-a-Thon in August ($14,000 - GREAT JOB Five Rings' community), we'll be running a full Jiu Jitsu program for the children in the Friends of the Children program at no cost to them. This includes coaching, mats, belts, gi's ... everything! Which is pretty out-right amazing. 

Five Rings is super proud and passionate about bringing Jiu Jitsu to at-risk kids. They deserve Jiu Jitsu as much (or more) than many other children who are far more fortunate.

The program will be running on Thursdays -->

     4:30 - 5:15 for children in grades K through 5

     5:30 - 6:15 for children in grades 6 through 12

Coach Dan is the head coach of the FotC Jiu Jitsu program with Professor Tom and Matt Tsugawa (a Five Rings brown belt and the CFO of Friends of the Children) as support staff.

For the FULL album, go HERE

If it wasn't for Matt sharing his connection with Friends of the Children, Five Rings would not have had the amazing opportunity to partner with FotC. THANK YOU Matt for connecting us to such an AMAZING program! ! !

The future is BRIGHT at Friends of the Children ... and Five Rings want to help it become just a little bit brighter ... with Jiu Jitsu! ! !   ;-)


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