Youth Friendship Tournie 3 - HUGE Success! ! !

Youth Friendship Tournie 3 - HUGE Success! ! !

On Saturday, Dec. 9, Five Rings hosted over 125 boys and girls from the greater Portland area in a friendship tournament.

The emphasis was on participation, having fun, and celebrating all the cool parts of Jiu Jitsu. It was a BLAST.

What was impressive was the amount of good technique and heart / grit that was displayed. Almost everyone modeled how to be intense AND have fun at the same time. It was super cool! ! !

The tournament ran from 10 am to 3 pm with as many as six rings going at a time. The parents and the coaches did a GREAT job of keep the vibe positive and supportive. We had athletes as young as six and as old as fifteen competing. There were tons of smiles and hugs throughout the day.

Thank you to all the coaches and staff who refereed and managed the rings while the kiddos went out and gave their all. It was a very inspiring day of Jiu Jitsu.

Thank you to all the academies that participated:

  •      Universal under Professor Mel Locke
  •      Salem-Keizer under Professor James Puopolo,
  •       Enso under Professor Keisuke Andrew
  •       The Base under Professor Christopher Dealy
  •       503 WCA under Coach Gustavo Banzai Bessa.


The FULL album can be viewed HERE.

We are looking to do the next one in June at Universal in Camas.

More info will be coming out shortly. Keep up the GREAT youth programs.

The future of Jiu Jitsu is BRIGHT! ! ! ;-)

Keep doing ... daily ... forever!

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