Coach's Corner - Thoughts, Tips, and Guidance for a Successful Jiu Jitsu Journey | #12

Coach's Corner - Thoughts, Tips, and Guidance for a Successful Jiu Jitsu Journey | #12

Jiu Jitsu is about good technique

Jiu Jitsu is not about brute strength or amazing athleticism (both are nice, but there are not the essence of Jiu Jitsu). The essence of Jiu Jitsu is technique - technique that is based on leverage, angles, vectors of energy / pressure, and a deep understanding of how the body moves and how to move efficiently through space and in the midst of an uncooperative, combative opponent.

With the explossion on the internet and online resources, there is more Jiu Jitsu technique available than ever before. When I started (pre-internet) you either had to travel to Brazil, Southern California, or learn via VHS instructional tapes. Technique was relatively scared. 

Today, technical knowledge is abundant. Sites you might want to consider:

1. BJJLibrary - Saulo and Xande Ribeiro (Far and away my #1 pick)

2. MGInAction - Marcelo Garcia
3. ArtofJiuJitsu - Gui and Rafa Mendez
4. RogerGracieTV - Roger Gracie
5. AtosJiuJitsu - Andre Galvao

And there are a ton more sites out there.

Spending regular and consistent time weekly reveiw a technique or two will go a long way in developming your Jiu Jitsu toolbox.

Even with all these online resources, however, a student needs a home academy (laboratory) to practice the art, great training partners to help them in their journey, and master coaches to help give guidance, supervise, offer specifc feedback and give personal advice. The internet simply can't satisfy those needs. There is no substitute for having a great academy / homebase. 

As such, my intention isn't to put a lot of technique in my Coach's Corner write-ups ... only on special occassions / on direct request. With that being said, Five Rings recently had Bernardo Faria in for a seminar. While he was here, he shot two technique pieces for his Youtube channer. Here they are:

Professor Tom teaching the Elvis Choke: Video


Professor Nathan teaching a Different Deep Half-Guard Sweep: Video

Check them out! ! !

Let me hear from you ... What other technique would you like me or another Coach to present in a Coach's Corner? Email me at

Or, more globally, what questions do you have or challenges are you facing in regards to your Jiu Jitsu journey? Please share ... I'd love to offer assistance / perspective on it.

Keep doing ... daily ... forever! ! !


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