A HUGE Week of Youth Belt Testing - June 2018

A HUGE Week of Youth Belt Testing - June 2018

Wow! ! !

What a huge week of SKILLZ youth belt testing! BRAVO to all those who earned their new belt ... it's the culmination of over 13 weeks of focus, effort, and determination.

Over 75 kiddos tested (ages 3 - 16) in over ten testing sessions over the last four days.

Lots of focus, grit, perseverance, and skill was demonstrated. The future is BRIGHT at Five Rings! ! !

We are proud and grateful to help our kids grow into the best versions of themselves.

Special shout out to Sam Lennon - who earned his camo belt / black stripe! ! ! He is one of only five kids to reach that level in the Dragons class. GREAT JOB Sam! ! !

Albums of each youth age group to follow. Check them out! ! !  :-)

     Ninja 1     Ninja 2     Ninja 3

    Samurai 1     Samurai 2      Samurai 3

    Dragon 1      Dragon 2       Dragon 3

    Warriors / Shinsengumi 1       Warriors / Shensengumi 2

Huge thanks to all our youth coaches that helped our all-stars do so well (Coach Sarah, Coach Kristy, Coach Dan, Coach Robert, Coach Eric, Coach Kevin, Coach Louisa, and Coach Tom). Your commitment to help the Five Rings' kids become the best versions of themselves is profoundly evident. Keep up the great work! ! !

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