Rolls, Brunch, and Helping One of Ours

Rolls, Brunch, and Helping One of Ours

On Sunday, July 15, Five Rings hosted it's first ever Brunch. It was a super cool get together.

We gathered to do what we love to do - Jiu Jitsu - and at the same time, to help one of our fellow students that's had a tough go of it over the last nine months. It was an amazing display of community and caring. It was especially cool to have David and his family join us for the morning and hangout and catch up. It was fantastic seeing him and hearing his heroic road to recovery (which he's still on). 



Why did we do it?

  • To celebrate the success of the Sunday Open Mat sessions run by Professor Nathan.


  • To bring awareness and help to our brother, Dave Casey, who is recovering from a serious neck injury and is facing staggering medical bills and the lack of money due to being off of work. Over $1,200 was raised ... THANK YOU to the amazing Five Rings community! ! !

            To read David's story, check out this LINK. It's powerful stuff on how to survive, face adversity, and carry on. David is a survivor. 

            Your kindness and generosity are powerful. Way to help one of our own. 

  • To hang out and enjoy each other’s company on a beautiful summer morning.


We had approximately fifty folks roll in the open mat session from 8:00 - 9:30 am and then stay to hang out and have a nifty brunch of egg scramble, pancakes, and bacon and sausage. It was delicious.

The full album can be seen HERE.

Can't wait until the next time! ! !


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