Coach's Corner - Thoughts, Tips, and Guidance for a Successful Jiu Jitsu Journey | #24

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The Pain of Discipline vs. The Pain of Regret

This week's Coach's Corner speaks on the topic of pain ... are you going to pay it on the front-end (through the commitment to discipline) or the back-end (experience regret at not taking risks and extended yourself beyond your comfort zone)?

Learning to become comfortable with the uncomfortable is a key to streetching beyond your current state and into your unlimited potential... to actualize your fullest, best self.

Note: learning to embrace pain / discomfort is NOT to say that letting yourself get injured or not taking the best care of yourself is ok. Neither are acceptable. Our capacity to deal with pain / discomfort is far greater than most of us realize. 

Check out this week's video:


Said another way, a certain degree of pain (discomfort / being out of your comfort zone) is a natural part of life.

The bigger questions:

Where are you going to put your pain?

Are you willing to pay for the pain of discipline in ounces or the pain of regret in tons? The choice is yours.  ;-)

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