Coach's Corner - Thoughts, Tips, and Guidance for a Successful Jiu Jitsu Journey | #25

Coach's Corner - Thoughts, Tips, and Guidance for a Successful Jiu Jitsu Journey | #25

The Dream of Five Rings

This week's Coach's Corner is going more conceptual / global - What's the dream of Five Rings?

We are passionate about Jiu Jitsu, but our vision is bigger than just Jiu Jitsu.

Check out this week's video (5:20):



Our Dream

  • Five Rings is a place where people optimize and actualize as they transform into the best version of themselves. We embody the mindset and spirit of the “Modern Samurai”. We help people understand how to live healthy, happy, mindful, authentic lives; to live with arête, to fully engage and participate in life. 
    We do really good Jiu Jitsu too.
  • We are on a mission to create a culture and an environment where world-class Jiu Jitsu is presented to all people in a powerfully positive, supportive, nurturing, challenging, growth-mindset perspective, quest for mastery / true actualization format. 
  • Five Rings is a place where the entire individual is addressed --> mind, body, and spirit. We help people travel the full continuum of the learning process. It’s a life-long journey.
  • Five Rings strives to become one or all of the following to its members:
  •           * Their 3rd place
              * A charter school of character development and life skills for children (ages 3 – 16)
              * A talent hotbed

How do you feel about the Five Rings dream? Is it something that inspires you? Can you see yourself committing to a journey of optimizing, actualizing, and transforming?

What can you do today to take one step in the positive direction?

Do. Daily. Forever! ! !


PS:  And where does Coach Tom get a lot of his philosophical / mindset perspective?

A primary source of Coach Tom's goodness comes from Brian Johnson's Optimize website - HERE.

Tom has has following Brian for over two years now and his stuff is solid gold. Tom is a HUGE fan of the Master Class series and the +1 Optimize series. I STRONGLY encourage you to check it out!

+1 +1 +1 ... Forever! ! !  ;-)

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