Coach's Corner - Thoughts, Tips, and Guidance for a Successful Jiu Jitsu Journey | #28

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W.O.O.P. and the Upward Spiral of Learning

This week's Coach's Corner is about two pillar concepts of learning:

  • WOOP
  • The Upward Spiral of Learning

First, WOOP by Gabrielle Oettingen.

W -- Wish - your goal.

O -- Outcome - your motivation, the benefits, your why

O -- Obstacles - the challenges you'll inevitably face

P -- Plan - your plan to address the challenges, typically if / then relationships

Here is Brian Johnson's micro-class on the concept of WOOP. Check it out for a more in depth explanation HERE


In Ray Dalio's Principles, Ray presents the idea of an upward spiral to learning. Here's an image:


Here's a thirty minute video series that summarizes Ray Dalio's perspective (It's SOLID gold): HERE

And finally, here's this week's Coach's Corner. Check it out (5:00):


So the question is, what mindset are you bringing to your learning?

Are you expecting challenges?

Are you ready to deal with adversity?

Are you looking at the long-game and understanding that failure is an ESSENTIAL part of learning?

This concepts took my understanding of learning to a whole new level. Give it a shot and let me know what you discover.

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