Helpful Guidelines and Rules for the New Academy

Helpful Guidelines and Rules for the New Academy

Hi everyone!  

We want to provide clear and helpful guidelines for your information to help make our entire community's experience at the new academy a better one.  Check these out!

1. Parking

There are several (5) short term parking spots in the immediate front of the academy.  We ask that you use these for drop off or quick stop visits only.  For longer term parking (15 minutes or more) please use the lot behind the academy which is accessible through a driveway to the left of Tursi's. There is a rear entrance to the academy from that lot. Overflow parking should be in front of Tursi's Soccer.

2. Hygiene and Mat Cleanliness

  • If you are on the hardwood floor, shoes are allowed and encouraged.  Only bare feet are allowed on the mats.  We have convenient foot washing stations that we ask everyone to use before stepping onto the mats if you've had bare feet on the hardwood floor. We have a supply of Five Rings sandals for sale in our Pro Shop for anyone that wants some!
  • Clean gis and clean bodies are required - don't be the stinky partner! (aka deodorant is your friend!)
  • Trim your finger and toenails regularly
  • If you spot a skin abnormality (redness, raised bumps, anything out of the ordinary), please check in with a coach before rolling.  Let's reduce the risk of spreading ringworm, staph, and other mat fungi by being responsible humans
  • If you are sick, stay off the mats (see above)

3. High Traffic or Peak Hour Etiquette

Due to the acoustics of the new space, we are asking our membership to be conscientious about the noise levels in the room... particularly during peak times.  Youth and evening classes can get loud if we don't moderate our voices at those times.  Thanks in advance for your consideration.

4. Youth Supervision and Parent Observation Areas

  • If you and/or your child arrive early or are in the academy outside of their regular class times, we ask that you maintain supervision of your child.
  • The new coffee/cooler area is for adults only and will be running on a suggested donation of $1 per serving
  • During youth class times, we are encouraging adults to remain in the lobby to help coaches to maintain athlete focus (exceptions for kids experiencing separation anxiety to be considered on case by case basis)

5. Check In/Attendance

Make sure to use the MindBody interface to check you or your child in for classes.  This is our primary method to track attendance and is used for evaluating adult promotions.  Tablets are (or will be soon) available at both the front desk and the rear of the academy by the shoe shelves.

6. General Community Awareness

Please do your best to help us make Five Rings a great place to be!  Notify a staff member to help with any spills or trash pick up.  Communicate about ways to help us improve - we are open to your suggestions!

7. Amenities

Take advantage of the new and continuing amenities at the academy:

  • Infant Changing Table in Restroom
  • ADA Unisex Shower
  • Bottle Fill and Multi Height Water Fountains
  • Hygiene Products Available in Restrooms
  • Towel Service for Showers
  • Coffee Bar and Drink Cooler ($1 suggested donation per drink)
  • Comfortable Lobby Seating


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