Everything is Better with Team

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Everything is Better with Team.

Have you ever thought about competing in a Jiu Jitsu tournament but then backed away because it seemed too intimidating or scary.

Well there's a perfect opportunity this August. Why?

Because the IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) is hosting 5 tournaments in the same venue in Las Vegas ... making it possible for every possible competitor to participate (youth, juvenile, adult, master 1 - 7, gi, and no-gi):

  • World Master  - blue belt and above, males and females, age 30 +. Last year there were more the 4,000 competitors that participated
  • Vegas Open | Gi - blue belt and above, juvenile and adults, males and females
  • Vegas Open  |  No- gi  - blue belt and above, juvenile and adults, males and females
  • International Novice - white belts, adults, all ages (juvenile, adult, up through Master 5), males and females
  • Kids International - age 4 - 15 years old, gray through green belts

You can find out all the details and register online at ibjjf.com.

Check this video of Coach Tom explaining why now is such a GREAT time to join the team and take your next Jiu Jitsu adventure:


Everything is better with team. We're rallying to get 18 - 28 folks to join in and go compete together. It's going to be a BLAST. What are you waiting for? 

Now's the time! ! !

If you're in, sign-up on the poster board across from the men's bathroom. (At the time this blog post was originally written, there are 11 folks already committed to go down to Vegas the third week of August ... hoot hoot! ! !)

If you have questions, please see Coach Tom or Coach Robert.

Do. Daily.  Forever! ! !

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