Youth Belt Graduation - June 2019

Youth Belt Graduation - June 2019

Five Rings just completed five days of belt testing of our youth athletes ... and they did GREAT! ! ! 

Big congratulations to all 100+ kiddos who earned their new rank (spread out over 13 testing sessions). Lots of hard work, good attitudes, and not giving up were displayed throughout the week. And lots of big smiles were seen as our young athletes completed another milestone in their Jiu Jitsu journeys.



With over 100 kiddos testing, there were lots of all star moments!

Everyone who earned a new belt rank should be commended for their hard work and effort. There are a few that deserve a little extra shout out:

To see the FULL albums of the groups, click the links below:

     Ninja:  HERE

     Samurai:  HERE

     Dragon:  HERE

     Warrior / Shinsengumi:  HERE

Great things are happening in the youth classes at Five Rings --> a profoundly positive place for children to grow up strong, resilient, and capable. Keep up the GREAT work guys! ! ! 

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