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A New Crew of Adults Level Up | Adult Belting June 2019

A New Crew of Adults Level Up | Adult Belting June 2019

A New Crew of Adults Level Up | Adult Belting June 2019


HUGE congratulations to the fourteen adults that leveled up last Tuesday night, June 18. Bravo! ! !

Earning a new belt is a "lag indicator" ... it signifies work, growth, and development that has already occurred. "Lead" indicators are things like consistently attending class, regular drilling, working on strength and conditioning, watch instructional material and match footage, etc. The success of these folks is permission for everyone to do the same.

Five Rings is a place where people strive to grow and become the best version of themselves (as a person and as a grappler).

There is tons of growth development happening in all sectors of the academy (kids and adults, evening and morning crews, gi and no-gi, comp team and joy jitsu folks ... everywhere!)


The room

The crew


  • Black Belt: Dan VanDetta
  • Purple Belt: Israel Doering and John Melinte
  • Blue Belt: JoEll Cherry, Matt Krier, Kris Lamping, Molly Sill, Dan Slevin, Ryan Tool
  • Green Belt: Panja Ali-napo, Taylor Carson, Haley Cartmill, Holly Grimes, Pip Santos

Their success is our inspiration and permission to succeed, too. Keep showing up, doing, and having fun in the process. What a fantastic night! ! !

Heads-up ... a bunch of stripes will be issued over the next week or two.  ;-)

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